Welcome to by wyvr.


That picture right there is just about all you need to know about me. I live in the desert. I have pink hair and thick glasses. I am somewhat pudgier in real life than an anonymous avatar creator will allow. I write porn, niche porn, about dragons. I seem to have accidentally created an entire universe. You’ll find it here.

This is plot with porn, not porn with plot, so be ready for the long haul. You may experience release of tears as well as other bodily fluids. Kleenex recommended. (Well, store brand. I recommend the store brand. Jesus, you’re just gonna throw ’em away anyways, aren’t ya?)

These books may, at some point, be available for download, from some site that doesn’t censor dragon dicks, for some kind of a set payment. That is certainly my intent. I will update here when they are. However, my home is here, and my content–in its best-edited, most-recent form–will always be available here. Free forever! That being said, I will not say no to your money. Recommended donation for my life’s work, a billion kerjillion dollars. But I will take whatever you think it’s worth, man.

Comments are welcome. I love to hear what you think! Do be aware that my naughty bits are in a committed relationship with another pair of naughty bits that I love very much, so I’m just not that interested in your naughty bits or anything you’d like to do to mine. I reserve the right to censor (although not without reason) and spam will be deleted with extreme prejudice. This is not a blog, so don’t expect regular replies or discussion. If for some reason you, the reader, really need a forum for the discussion of dragon porn, I will either expand the blog section available or add an actual forum, depending on demand. I live to serve! Tell me what you need from my site to be happy! (Within reason, I mean. There will be no Shetland pony giveaway. I cannot box up Nace and send him to your house Prioity Mail, even if he would totally go.)

 Alright, now hit the sidebar and click around!